The Hedonist

(雷)Pain is a symptom of reality; Pleasure is his Panadol



(风)Architecture is contended and forgoes the floors above four storeys; Traffic is contended and forgoes red lights at roads junctions; Staircases are contended and forgoes the convenience of lifts. How, then, can the rest of the city be contended?

Fragments: Tiong Bahru Road

Tiong Bahru Road is known to Singaporeans for its wet market, Lor Mee (yellow noodles in thick gravy), and cafes in quaint shop-houses. I haven't been to this place in years, and it feels the same, yet different. 

When September begins

Read this wonderful poem. It’s a public holiday here in Singapore this 1st September. And this is really a great way to start the day!


Life has given us a Lute
with twelve thin strings of Hope.

When September begins
Love is so very near,
and trees in golden light
make it easy to sing

for those who have a Dream
and those who do not have any.

September has just begun,
the Light is warm and clear,
and so I take my lute
and sing my little Love song

for those who have a Dream
and those who do not have any.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


illustration:  September Afternoon (Joseph DeCamp, c1895)

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