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I am an amateur poet from Singapore. Please feel free to ask me any questions, or comment on my posts.

What is this blog about





The inner self is enmeshed in a complex mosaic of internal worlds. There are worlds, of fantasy, of struggles, of real characters, of new ideas, hidden beneath the facade of bones and flesh. These worlds are sparked by experiences with the external world, but created internally. Within each world is a story, which is best told through words. Words, in turn, is the key to unlock hidden worlds, trapped inside my mind; poetry is the vehicle that brings the world into life, through stories.

Words ebb and flow in my mind. Words usually come fragmented, sometimes in Chinese, sometimes in English. It feels as if the mind dispenses words in therapeutic doses, to sooth curiosity, creativity, and a urge for expression. I wish to document such words, bring them together, and give them meaning.

Welcome to Words in Doses.

What the Chinese character that starts each post means


晴    代表开朗,以鼓舞和励志的词记载着勇往直前的魄力。
雷    代表愤怒和爆烈的心态,给人一些发泄的出口,或敷衍的借口。
雨    代表忧伤、哀愁和困扰,让人疏解负面的情感,以得到疗伤。
风    代表无影无色的无常,写出探讨复杂的事后的小小领悟,提醒人对事实的从容。

In every diary, it seems imperative to do a little weather report of the day. As such, I have decided to tag the poems using the theme of the weather. I have chosen 4 main weather types, to represent the different mood of each poem.

Sunny(晴): uplifting and motivating, to fill energy into ones life.
Thunderstorm(雷): anger and rage, to vent frustration, and act as an excuse to express helplessness.
Rainy(雨): gloom and sadness, but with the purpose to validate such negative emotions.
Windy(风): least defined category out of the 4. Represents a shapeless, dynamic form of existence, which helps explore and question things around, in hope to understand reality more.


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