Crowded Trains, Empty Smiles

In a hoodie black and yellow
I plugged into my stereo
Fourteen stories down below
The carriage shunt and bellow

The people shuffle in like shadow
I squeezed towards the window
Frowns like knots and face like coal
The people shunt and bellow

Life, can you tell me why
Why you brought us here to cry
Train is in a tunnel
The end I see has no light
A hollow tube of endless night

Life, can you tell me why
Why you let our dreams just die
Cash is in our pockets
The man I see has no sight
A hollow husk with nothing to fight

With the truth so hard to swallow
I smiled at my own sorrow
Fourteen stories down below
Soulless ghouls shunt and bellow

Our generation has too many soulless eyes and empty smiles.
Many of my friends are facing existential crisis,
including me.


What has the world done to us?
Or what have we done to ourselves?



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