Retracing Footsteps

Raindrops carve a runway back to the skies
Music shrinks from keyboard back to their lines
Ice creams freeze to solid back to their pints
Earth’s spin changes the route – anticlockwise

Caterpillars evolve from butterflies
Confused patch quilt unwind to simple twines
Messy cocktails distill to tasteful wines
Tick-tock changes rhythm – anticlockwise

Teardrops climb the wrinkles back to the eyes
Grey hairs fades to blackness back to their shine
Hunchback firms to sturdy back to their spines
Footsteps retrace a path – anticlockwise

Because the years don’t age if we renew
Because our minds don’t fade when we stay true

It is always good to retrace our footsteps,
and return to our original selves.

Somehow, the original self is purer, more sincere, and more true.

I hope time does not make me lose myself,
and if it does, I hope to be able to retrace my footsteps,
and find myself.



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