Melancholy in Brushstrokes

A distant fog
A frosty white
Smudges the mountains an unnatural
Shade of ash

A fitting suit
A sooty black
Outlines the man in an unusual
Veil of steel

Monday morning
Devoid of sunlight
Shields his face with a shadow of matt black
As if light dare not touch his sunken eyes

Trail of footprints
Devoid of another set of footprints
Turns white snow into clay
Leading past a tree stripped of green

A scrawny bark
A cloudy grey
Nature paints sadness a portrait in brushstrokes

Inspired by Impressionism in an art exhibition.
So I tried seeing if I can paint in words too.
Particularly liked the paints of snow scenes,
and thus chose that as a setting for this poem.

Perhaps, through understanding the colours and
its association with emotions, we can grasp our
emotions in greater detail.



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