I Breathe Colours

Every gust of wind
Changes the scene
The squirrels
The scattered seeds

Every morning dew
A mystery
A surprise waiting to be seen

The leftover traces of
the lonely man
Walking in fear
Laced the walkway
In a thick mist

The forgotten corner of
The cold shade
Brewing silence
Where no one walks
Where the soil is pure
Where fallen logs make peace with death

Of flowers
Of trees
Of rivers
Of herons and geese
They come to me
Trapped in the breeze

I don’t have to travel the world to see it
For the winds bring them to me
I am the messenger to the winds
I breathe in colours so you can see

When I run in the park in the mornings, I am always intrigued by the way the dogs understand the world.

They have curious eyes, so what more about their noses?
What do they “see” using their noses?

Do you have similar thoughts about the way these interesting critters perceive the world?

Image: wagwalking.com/condition/nose-bleed

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