Pulse of the City

Lights, morning, action
Trains march to the pulse of the city
Religiously chanting
The same old hymns of the subway winds

Ding, dong, doors closing
Lifts trudge up and down their routines
Tirelessly replaying
The same old voice of the robot lady
So many buttons to push
So many times the wrong buttons pushed

Cars queue at petrol kiosk for their morning dose of coffee
Reluctant yawns
Impatient honks
Flickering headlights
Trouble opening eyes

A signal for a change in rhythm

The city now hums a quiet tune
A melody sings the silver moon
When stars now dare to dance with pride
When dreams now take the soul for a ride

And so I escape into the night
To hear the pulse of my heartbeat

Night time is always a much more comfortable time of the day for me.
Funnily, I am a morning person, where I am more productive.
But I feel more me at night.

Image: www.timeout.com/singapore/clubs/1-altitude-altimate-christmas



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