Rain? Dance.

Light and darkness fight out
Love and hate hurl insults
Let the coldness
Soak in the warmth of the drifting clouds

Whispers starting to shout
Memories getting too loud
Let the troubles
Stay in the grey of the crying clouds

Oh rain
So we meet again
On this lonely lane
Dying candle flame

Oh rain oh rain
Make me dance again
On this lonely lane
Drowning all my pain

Green leaves turn into brown
Wide smile turn into frown
But the rain fell
To heal the cracks in the scorching ground

Colours starting to sprout
Time is clearing the clout
I see rainbows
Singing the songs of the parting clouds

Oh rain
Shall we meet again
On that lonely lane
Kissing heaven’s spring

Oh rain oh rain
Shall we dance again
On that lovely lane
Lamps like candy cane

It’s the rainy season here in Singapore.
But that doesn’t mean its all glum and gloomy.

We can still appreciate the little sparkles falling from the clouds.

Image: breathinglight.com.au/dancing-in-the-rain-with-ana-paula/
Beautiful photography by Breathing Light. Do check their website out.


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