Fragments: On a Balanced Life

It seems to me that balance is quite a buzz word nowadays: work-life balance, balanced lifestyle, balanced diet, balanced viewpoint etc. This thin line of balance remains very elusive to me. At some stage, I have come to believe that true balance is arbitrary – nothing more than a self-imposed ideal state that arises from one’s goals, desires, limitations and strengths (and many other factors that are elusive themselves).

Within me, lies a struggle that I haven’t been able to find the sweet spot of balance for some time. On one hand, I am inspired by how the affluent indulge in life’s pleasures, yet on the other, I want to be at peace with myself through minimalist living, meditation, yoga etc (I don’t practice yoga by the way; have been procrastinating it). The desire of wanting more spurs me sometimes. Yet at other times, I suddenly get contented with what I already have.

There are times these different states in me surface and engage in an internal tug-of-war. The contradiction in these many states in me (or “selves” from certain metaphysical perspective) can be clearly below:

  1. Hedonism: I want what I don’t have
  2. Contentment: I don’t want what I don’t have
  3. Minimalism: I don’t want what I have

I have written these ideas in poetry too (in Contented, The Hedonist, and Dissolve in Vacuum).

Perhaps, you could even ask: Is there is need to reconcile these parts? Is consistent even possible?

Fundamentally, at least for me, the self is always in flux. It morphs and shifts for one state to another, not quite deciding what it wants to be. As such, consistency is a tall order for something so “indeterminate” (or am I just indecisive?).

Perhaps, the real balance here is that there is no need to balance these states at all. Rather, I need be at peace with my inconsistency: take things as it comes; go with the flow; and appreciate the rise and fall of each of these states. Balance is just an illusion; being at peace the best acceptance of life.

Really curious. Any of you face such dissonance before?

Thanks for reading such a long post 🙂 Just a thought that has been bugging me. 


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