Dissolve in Vacuum

Dive in
And the noise drowned by the sound of blue
And the thirst washed by the taste of currents
And your skin removed by the touch of the shapeless, colourless
Endlessly releasing

Don’t thread, swim
Don’t struggle, relax and you’ll float

Drift away
to where the waves takes you
To nowhere
To the skies where air is
Not a tinge of blue or black or white
Endlessly clear

Don’t think, flow
Don’t resist, relax and you’ll fly

Reduced into a speck so small
In the vacuum so big
Just you
Endlessly peaceful

Meditation helps to empty the mind. The mind is a vessel: you have to empty before you can fill. It brings to me a sense of calmness that is really hard to find in a hectic city in Singapore.

Every time I meditate, it is a reminder that I can let go of what I have. The worries and buggering thoughts can be released as the over-active mind takes a break. In fact, emotions and thoughts ebb and flow too, in a natural rhythm.

Do you meditate too? What have you learnt from meditation?

Image: techonomy.com/2016/09/new-study-meditation-literally-changes-our-genes/


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