The Hedonist

Truth is a torture of a fantasy
Pleasure is his Ecstasy
The heart yelled out ‘release me’
Because pleasure makes him free

What the truth cannot answer
Pleasure surely can
Elope with a romancer
Live in Disneyland

Pain is a symptom of reality
Pleasure is his Panadol
Even overdose won’t cause fatality
Because pleasure saves us all

What doctors cannot answer
Pleasure surely can
Chocolates to cure cancer
Detox in onsen

As he bulked on empty calories
As he splurged on hollow accessories
I see a man on the treadmill
Running towards nowhere

The world of capitalism breeds hedonistic behaviors.
I see an inherent issue with it, yet I can’t seem to break out of it entirely.

The Hedonist in the poem is really me.
I don’t want to be pleasure seeking,
but there is an innate desire for that relief,
no matter how empty, how short.
There are times when I am optimal, disciplined and doing things well,
but suddenly I get trapped into bingeing on social media, drama, expensive desserts.

It is not wrong to seek pleasure.
It is just that every bite of pleasure,
leaves the stomach empty and growling – a sign; a yearn for more.

Tell me, how do we be free from this hedonistic treadmill?

P.S. Panadol is the brand name for paracetamol/acetaminophen. It is marketed as Tylenol, Calpol, or Paracet in different countries.



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