I deceive myself
The first drop a warm kiss to the cheeks
I convince myself
The second to wash me clean of sorrow

The third blisters my smile
The fourth torches the heart
And I slowly dissolve
In the rain that drowned the sun

Can’t hold back tears
With a smile, can’t pretend

Tears that don’t burn the cheeks
Burn the heart instead
Like the sun that singed the rain

I managed a laugh
My laughter is
A rainbow after a sunshower
A lie that everything is fine

People see me as a cheerful person.
But only I know, that deep inside,
there is more rain than sunlight.

Sometimes, the pain is so deep,
it doesn’t even warrant a frown on the surface.

Image by: Bronwyn Murphy


4 thoughts on “Sunshower

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    1. When I was in school, my Chinese teacher would make us write weekly diaries. It was a standard practice to report the weather on the top of each entry with the date (e.g.七月二十六日 – 晴). So I am adopting the same practice.

      Here, instead of reporting the physical weather, I am indicating the “internal weather” or the mood which I wrote the poem in.

      Indeed, 雨 = 淚, representing mainly gloom and sadness.

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