Have you ever seen the hidden colours as the skies turn dark
Have you cheered for meteors as they raced the stars
Have you sung the song the ocean sings for the moon
And heard what Venus has to say to Mars

Have you heard the music written by the Northern Lights
Have you felt the slumber of the fading light
Have you danced the dance that make shadows grow in height
And tapped the rhythm of the streets at night

If you ever chanced upon the gorgeous setting sun
Leave your phone alone and watch them do their stunts
A thousand pixels cannot capture a thousand colours
Because in frames
It is only silence you will hear

Has been a very hectic week for me.
But today, I got the chance to just stop,
and watch the sunset, and watch the world go by.

I guess we all need a little time to slow down,
and appreciate the beauty in simplicity.

Image: gallery.world


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