Run like the wind chasing a butterfly
Run till your teary eyes turns dry

Run till breathing is not a pain
Run till resistance works in vain

Run till the ground pulse with your feet
Run till the only music is your heartbeat

Run till faces get buried with the past
Run till sands evaporate to dust

Run till the sun rises from the west
Run till you freeze the wave’s crest

Run till the world turns into melted shades
Run till the colour of your body fades

Run from symbols that act like chains
Run from yourself trapped in domains

Run from the troubles, fears and shame
Run till you are something with new name

Run and don’t stop
For when the real world catches up
Dreams will halt

Tired out from the things happening around. The spark is wavering. So I wrote this to motivate myself at this juncture.

To all those fervently chasing dreams: stay strong and keep running!



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